• KOSHIN : Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Product Solution for Communication Base Station

    With the expansion of the communication information network, the use of frequency bands, and the size reduction, base station design is increasingly restricted by the number and size of components that can be mounted on the limited board space. At the same time, the use temperature of components also affects the power supply of communication base stations. Problems were raised with the product. In the 5G environment, the capacitor for the power supply of the communication base station needs to be able to ensure miniaturization and a wider temperature range.

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  • KOSHIN:Product solutions for automotive aluminum electrolytic capacitors

    In today’s automotive and vehicle-related markets, vehicles that consider environmental protection have taken a solid growth step forward. Among them, electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles are becoming popular due to their low environmental burden and good economy. The infrastructure will be improved in the future. Will further expand the market share in the future.

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  • KOAS conductive polymer solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors-KS series

    Solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The biggest difference between it and ordinary capacitors (ie, liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors) is that it uses different dielectric materials. The dielectric material of liquid aluminum capacitors is electrolyte, while the dielectric material of solid capacitors is conductive polymer. Since the solid capacitor uses conductive polymer products as the dielectric material, the material will not interact with alumina and will not explode after being energized. At the same time, it is a solid product, so naturally there is no explosion caused by thermal expansion. Situation. Solid capacitors have excellent characteristics such as environmental protection, low impedance, high and low temperature stability, high ripple resistance and high reliability, and are the highest-end products among current electrolytic capacitor products.

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  • 如何区分滤波电容和电解电容


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